Club Class introduced in Middlesbrough for 2015/16

Student Halls of Residence in Bradford

The 7th July 2015 marked not only the start of the 2015 – 16 tenancies at the award winning Kexgill House in Middlesbrough, but also the introduction of the ‘Club Class’ service. This is the first time Teesside University students have experienced the service from Kexgill and so far it has been well received.

Emma Colbeck, Branch Manager of Kexgill Middlesbrough, said “Club Class has really helped us engage with our new and returning tenants, allowing us to welcome them to our student accommodation in a way which is uniquely Kexgill. We have always striven to provide the best student accommodation that we possibly can across the country, not just to those studying at Teesside University, so focusing on customer service isn’t anything new for our staff. What Club Class has offered us is a fresh approach and rejuvenated our efforts to ensure we have the happiest student tenants in Middlesbrough.”

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